“I really enjoyed Lucy’s beginners course. I learnt some new moves, performed a routine & had some great laughs. Lucy is clearly passionate about Burlesque & has a great sense of humour.”


“Lucy’s lessons are great. I have had such a confidence boost & am getting back to sexy.”


“I first saw Lucy’s burlesque when I attended my first ever Broadbridge Bombshells WI meeting, where she was doing a presentation evening. It was great fun and decided at that meeting that I wanted to join the WI and that I wanted to have a go at Burlesque myself! I waited until Lucy had set up her first set of classes and had a great time! It was relaxed and great fun! There is no demand for you to do more than you are comfortable with and the moving side isn’t complicated or demanding. We all had a great time choosing our outfits, and sharing our findings. Lucy is enthusiastic and helpful, and I would definitely recommend giving Burlesque a go – it really does increase your confidence in your own body!”


“I approached Lucy because I wanted something a little different to kick off my fortieth birthday party. I had heard her sing before and really loved her voice, style and song choices.

I was so glad that I made the decision to have a live singer to start the evening off and all my guests told me how much they enjoyed listening to Lucy. It’s not just her voice that makes her performance so enjoyable but her charisma too, which adds to its uniqueness.

I would recommend Lucy to anyone who is looking for that little bit of style to add to their function. She is versatile and has the ability of sing a wide variety of songs according to your function plus she brings that little bit of fun to the show in between her songs.

Book her you won’t regret it!”


“I got married to one of my oldest friends last years and Lucy performed the most amazing set of wonderful romantic and bluesy music for our reception. She sang beautifully and really made our evening absolutely unforgettable. If you ever want a singer who gives her whole heart and her nightingale voice to your event, I could not recommend her more. Lucy, thank you for making our wedding so special.”


“We had heard great things about Lucy and her singing skills.
I decided to stage a Great Gatsby theme for my 40th and asked Lucy to sing some songs with this theme in mind.
Lucy was absolutely fantastic and performed exactly what we asked for. Brilliant. I cannot praise her enough.”